About Us

This Website is for individuals interested in NRA Conventional Pistol Shooting known as "Bullseye" shooting

The intention of this website is to encourage individuals to participate in bullseye shooting and to provide information about bullseye competition events, competition scores and other items of interest to individuals that enjoy bullseye shooting.  Safety and attention to good pistol handling and practice is a must to be a successful bullseye shooter.

              Courses of Fire for Bullseye Shooters


 NRA conventional pistol competition consists of firing slow, timed, and rapid fire. This is done at 50 and 25 yards outdoors and almost exclusively at 50 feet indoors. Generally an outdoor match will consist of 20 shots, slow fire at 50 yards (two 10-shot strings, 10 minutes per string), 20 shots, timed fire at 25 yards (four 5-shot strings, 20 seconds per string), 20 shots, rapid fire at 25 yards (four 5-shot strings, 10 seconds per string), and the National Match Course (10-shots slow fire at 50 yards, 10-shots timed fire (two 5-shot strings), and 10-shot strings (two 5-shot strings). This match consists of 90 shots for a possible aggregate total of 900 points. For a 2700 aggregate this match is fired once with each gun: .22 caliber rimfire, center fire, and .45 caliber. Many match programs call for only one or two guns, that is a 900 or 1800 aggregate.


The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol

 A very informative website is the The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol.  You can view this site that has considerable details about bullseye shooting by clicking on the following link: